"We brought in many babies out here on the concrete, on the tables, and they died in our arms." No one knows how many people Valamios and other locals saved from drowning, but it is believed to be in the hundreds. Together with other islanders, Valamios has been nominated by Greek academics and the Hellenic Olympic Committee for the Nobel Peace Prize. They have been chosen symbolically to represent all Greeks and volunteers who helped refugees. The award will be announced in Oslo on Friday. Far to the south, Lesbos, Greece's third-biggest island and just over four miles from the Turkish coast, was the frontline of Europe's refugee crisis last year. At its peak, as many as 3,000 people were arriving on its shores a day. The dinghies often collapsed under the weight of three times as many people as they were designed to hold, crammed in by smugglers eager to make an easy profit by charging some $1,500 per head. Hundreds drowned and many bodies are still missing. "Imagine being here and seeing drowned children on the beach, or saving a father whose baby has drowned, or saving a baby whose mother and father have drowned," Valamios said. The headless body of a baby washed ashore on a nearby beach earlier this year. One mother lost two of her children, he said.

If Cervelli goes down next season and Stewart is his backup, I think Diaz would have to be the long-term replacement. Stewart isnt positioned to start every day for a long period of time. The book on Diaz, 25, is that he is an excellent defender with a strong arm. Hes hit .261 with little power in parts of three seasons with Class AAA Indianapolis. Stallings isnt a realistic option to fill in for Cervelli on an everyday basis. He is a capable defensive replacement but has hit .237 in his minor league career, with a .214 average at Indianapolis this past season. Josh: Will Clint Hurdle be on the hot seat for next season, considering he has as many losing seasons here as winning ones? Hurdle wasnt really dealt a winning hand this season, as his roster cycled though a franchise-record 55 players this year. Set aside the injuries for a moment and remember that this team started with a rotation of Cole, Francisco Liriano, Jon Niese, Jeff Locke and Juan Nicasio and ended with Jameson Taillon, Ivan Nova, Chad Kuhl, Glasnow/Steven Brault and Ryan สูตร หน้า เด้ง แบบ ธรรมชาติ Vogelsong. To miss the playoffs with that turnover and that motley crew seems forgivable.

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