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No parent has ever been able to give me a logical reason why a minor should enjoy such a privilege, if enjoy is even the proper word. Ex-etiquette: Coping with a breakup when holidays, kids are involved Q. My ex and I were married for 14 years before he told me he was gay. I had no idea and I was severely shaken - not because he was gay - but because I knew that meant the end of our life as we knew it. Valentine's Day was our anniversary. We are still quite good friends, albeit bittersweet at times, and I like his partner very much. They do everything they can do to keep me in the loop and co-parent with a vengeance. But, each time Valentine's Day rolls around I feel such a sense of loss, and I feel terrible that my children's parents had to break-up. Can you suggest a few tips to deal with this situation? Some tips to help my kids?

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oil safely and that it would create jobs. Jan Hasselman, an attorney with Earthjustice, who represents the Standing Rock Sioux, said the tribe will challenge the U.S. government in court if the Army grants the easement. The tribe, along with other Native American groups, environmentalists and other activists, have opposed the $3.8 billion Dakota Access Pipeline led by Energy Transfer Partners LP (ETP.N). He said it is unclear whether construction could begin while the decision is challenged or whether the court will grant an injunction blocking the work. Our position is the tribe's treaty rights and the law require the full (Environmental Impact Study) process that the government initiated in December. Issuing the easement without that process will be a serious violation of the law, Hasselman told Reuters. A spokesman for the Army was not immediately available to comment. Energy Transfer Partners declined to comment on the legal proceedings.

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