In this regard, one scene seemed to stand out. Diana Prince (i.e., Wonder Woman) goes undercover at a German party, wearing an evening gown, but she needs to stealthily carry her trusted sword. So she slides it down the back of her dress, along her spine, until just the sword’s hilt peeks out, obscured by her neck and shoulders. Please let the Wonder Woman sword/dress style stick. Imagine: girls in dresses asking each other which blacksmith forged their accessories. — Mikki Kells (@MikkiKells) June 16, 2017 Many fans, naturally, left the theater wondering if such a thing was possible. So they grabbed their dresses and their swords and began trying. Turns out, it is possible — and many fans posted photos to Instagram,  Facebook  and Twitter with the hashtag #wwgotyourback to prove it. It’s now morphed into a spreading Internet challenge. It’s unclear if the swords being used are real or merely plastic toys. The types of dresses and apparent make of the swords varied widely. One fan, for example, slid what appears to be a sheath down the back of what appears to be a wedding dress.

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