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He told BBC One's Andrew Marr Show that despite lagging substantially behind Theresa May in opinion polls, Jeremy Corbyn was "established" in the role. Mr Watson also downplayed suggestions Labour was testing the popularity of alternative candidates for leader. He said the party faced an "uphill struggle" to win the next election and had to offer "positive" ideas. Mr Corbyn was first elected Labour leader in 2015 and won again last year in another contest. Mr Watson said the party had "got the leadership settled for this Parliament". The most recent ICM opinion poll put Labour on 27%, 15 points behind the Conservatives. And a YouGov poll suggested that 62% of voters were unfavourable towards Mr Corbyn, compared with 22% who were favourable. The Sunday Times is reporting that Labour is involved in "succession planning", and research carried out on its behalf suggests Mr Corbyn is the "most unpopular" choice. Written warning for Labour bathing suit dresses Brexit rebels Labour's elections co-ordinator, Ian Lavery told the BBC: "There's plenty of leaders to pick from if and when Jeremy decides, of his own volition, that it's not for him at the election. That isn't the case at this point in time." Asked if Labour was looking at potential replacements for Mr Corbyn in carrying out its research, Mr Lavery said: "I'm absolutely sure that that hasn't been the case and isn't the case. Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live's Pienaar's Politics, he added: "I think that's pure political poppycock.

Shot in the streets of San Juan, Puerto Rico, the campaign features Graham alongside a group of women-some of whom are San Juan locals and some of whom are models-of varying shapes, ages and backgrounds. The end result? More size, age and racial diversity to be featured in the highly-anticipated swimsuit issue. Graham spoke with HarpersBAZAAR.com about the new campaign, the importance of women supporting each other and how things have changed since her Sports Illustrated debut. Harper's BAZAAR: Why was it important for you to debut the Swimsuits for All campaign in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue? Ashley Graham: Two years ago, my #CurvesInBikinis ad debuted in the SI Swimsuit Issue and it was a huge moment in my career. I was the first size 14 model to be featured in an ad in the magazine, and fast forward to a year later, I was the first size 14 model on the cover! SI Swim, Swimsuits For All and I all share the same mission to celebrate the female body and empower women to feel good in their own skin. That's why it was important to debut the "Every Body, Every Age, Every Beautiful" ad in the issue again this year and show even more diverse women. HB: What was the inspiration behind your latest swimsuit collection for Swimsuits for All? AG: I was inspired by the tropical feeling of Puerto Rico.

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