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African-American museum Mr Obama was joined by his predecessor George W Bush, who signed the bill in 2003 to allow construction to proceed. Media captionPresident Obama: "This national museum...helps us better understand the lives, yes, of the president, but also the slave" Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr Obama urged African-Americans to "come here and see the power of your own agency". "The very fact of this day does not prove that America is perfect, but it does validate the ideas of our founding - that this country born of change, of revolution, of we the people, that this country can get better." Media captionJohn Lewis : "This place is more than a building - it is a dream come true" Both Mr Bush and his wife Laura addressed the crowd. They were followed by Stevie Wonder, who performed the song Where Is Our Love. Mr Obama then rang a bell belonging to one of America's oldest black churches to formally open the museum. Image copyright EPA Image caption The Obamas and Bushes watched as a choir performed the US national anthem The museum contains 36,000 items, ranging from trade goods used to buy slaves in Africa to a segregated railway car from the 1920s and a red Cadillac convertible belonging to rock'n'roll pioneer Chuck Berry. Why do US police keep killing unarmed black men? While some of the artefacts depict the slavery era, others show how black culture has come to define American culture, says the BBC's Nick Bryant in Washington. Media captionGeorge W Bush: "[A] great nation does not hide its history.

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